The reason Trump believes nCoV will ‘ disappear miraculously ‘


Trump at least 15 nCoV declarations will disappear, despite the fact that Covid-19 still spreads throughout the United States, nearly 100,000 people die.

“It will disappear miraculously one day,” U.S. President Donald Trump declared 27/2. The White House boss then repeatedly reiterated this as a spell. Last time he said nCoV will disappear is yesterday 15/5.

Despite Trump’s predictions, nCoV has not yet disappeared, which continues to spread rapidly, making America the largest epidemic in the world, with over 1.6 million infections and over 96,000 deaths. The epidemic has appeared in more than 210 countries and territories, making nearly 5.2 million people infected, and nearly 335,000 people across the globe.

President Donald Trump at the White House Rose Garden, Washington Capital, Apr. 4. Photo: Ap.

The reaction of Trump and the predictions he gave to the Covid-19 seem to be contrary to the actual situation. But the people who wrote Trump’s biography said a long time ago, he learned how to create a realistic version of his own, from a place that is not very suitable for the church.

It was called “the power of Positive thinking” and Trump learned this lesson from his grandfather who watched as master, Norman Vincent Peale, pastor in Manhattan. “He thinks I am my best pupil,” Trump said.

Daniel Burke’s Analyst Cnn Given that the power of positive thinking has accompanied Trump in a long way, overcoming many business failures and gaining the U.S. presidential seat. Trump always believes that Pastor Peale, who died in 1993, and positive thinking helped him overcome difficult stages.

“I don’t let myself be swept into negative thoughts, even if every sign is not good,” Trump said in the early decade of 1990, when his casinos were losing losses and debts to billions of dollars.

But in a global health crisis like the Covid-19, positive thinking can deliver negative results. “The President Trump himself illusory or that the epidemic disappears not only as an unacceptable thought, but also a dangerous performance,” said Christopher Lane, author of the book “The Rise of Faith: Norman Vincent Peale and the regeneration of American religious life”, for hay.

The Trump family received himself as the Presbyterian Church, but was able to call exactly Peale’s followers. Every Sunday, Donald Trump’s father often drove the family from Queens to the Marble Collegiate Church of Pastor Peale in Manhattan.

This centuries-historic church is still very familiar to the Trump house. His parents ‘ funeral was held at Marble Collegiate and Pastor Peale, who was also the host of Trump’s wedding with Mrs. Ivana at the church in 1977. It is also the host of Trump’s two siblings.

The people who wrote the president of the United States said that the motivation for all that was Pastor Peale, who helped to bring entrepreneurs like the Trump family to a position as the founders of American capitalism. Known as “The Lord of Entrepreneurs”, Peale has written numerous self-motivated books (type of guidebook readers to complete self-improvement and solve personal problems), including “The Power of Positive Thinking”, the book sold millions of copies.

Pastor Norman Vincent Peale. Photo: AP.

Pastor Norman Vincent Peale. Photo: Ap.

Pastor Peale drew a lot of believers, but also stumbled upon strong criticism from Christian followers. But the guy Donald Trump was really fascinated.

“He commanded me positive feelings about the Lord, making me positive thoughts about myself,” Trump writes in “Great Again”, one of his books.

Pastor Peale put in his lecture with gentle psychological concepts. Guilt will be discarded and replaced with “spiritual lifes”, “thoughts of energy Liberation”, or “simple 7 steps” to live happily.

“Attitude is always more important than reality,” Pastor Peale once said in a lecture.

To this day, around Trump there are still a lot of people like Peale and their closest relatives, Pastor Paula White, mentor the Faith initiative and the opportunity of the White House and also the successor of Peale’s positive thinking.

“If you are out of order and declare something, it will come true,” Mrs. White said in the prayer ceremony at the Rose Garden at the early White House this month. “I declare the deliverance from the Covid-19 will KSide delays. The treatment and vaccination will no longer be delayed “.

Mrs. White’s “Positive thinking” way is to turn every situation into “victory”, even if the reality proves the opposite.

“Positive thinking can help people focus on the goals and present a person’s personality. But it needs a real fact check and must rely on reality, “said the author Lane.

“Sometimes you face the fact that you have failed and need to change. But with Peale, change is not an option. He taught that self-skepticism was also sin before the Lord, “Lane said.

Michael D’Antonio, who wrote the president of the United States, shared the philosophy not to accept the failure of Peale to be clearly seen in Trump when he furiously answered the reporter’s question about the response to Covid-19. “With him, the feeling of guilt seemed to no longer exist,” D’Antonio said.

This is one of the reasons that Trump does not accept criticism or acknowledgment of any mistakes. “That would break his positive ball, not in relation to protecting the image itself,” said D’Antonio.

Despite the mistakes in the initial response to the translation of the U.S. government, Trump has never acknowledged this. Even when asked about his assessment of the response of the U.S. administration in mid-March, Trump insisted “I give 10 points. I think we’ve done well. ”

Thanh Center (According to Cnn)


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